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Product Description

What is VASO-XTM?
The New “King” of the Pump! VASO-XTM is the one pill to rule them all. VASO-XTM is so potent, that all you need is one pill to have the most explosive pump experience of your
life. The ingredients in VASO-XTM are so strong in fact, that studies have shown them to be 10x stronger than traditional pump products. With the clinical dose of VASO-6TM
inside, Black Dragon Labs® VASO-XTM packs a mighty punch in a small package, allowing you to say goodbye to taking handfuls of pills to get the pump you want. One pill now rules them all…

Can I stack VASO-XTM with UNDEFEATED or other pre-workouts?
All Black Dragon Labs® supplements have been designed to be taken stand-alone or together as part of a stack.
By stacking VASO-XTM with Undefeated pumps may be too intense for some users…who are we kidding, get pumped out of you mind!

I have heard that stacking stimulants and vasodilators is not good and even contradictory in most cases?
One of the main concern’s athletes face is that stimulants are vasoconstrictors and therefore impede the effect of any vasodilators they are taken with. This is where VASO-6TM separates itself from your ‘typical NO boosting ingredients, making your body, and in particular, your cardiovascular system work smarter, not harder. VASO-6TM causes the highest level of Endothelium-Dependent Relaxation (EDR). This EDR is achieved by VASO-6TM simultaneously releasing endothelial nitric oxide while increasing levels of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) in muscle cells, which result in this incredible effect of increasing blood flow through vasodilation while lowering blood pressure. This is a very unique and highly beneficial function of VASO-6TM.

What’s the best way to take VASO-XTM?
When we say that all you need is one pill we mean it. VASO-XTM is so potent that there is no need to take more than one serving 20 minutes before training. Take VASO-XTM alone or with your favorite preworkout supplement, it’s up to you.

VASO-XTM Supports

VASO-6TM – Long have Citrulline and Arginine lead the way in vasodilation, but there’s a new king to be crowned… VASO-6TM. A natural patented ingredient derived from
select Green Tea Catechins, VASO-6TM significantly increases nitric oxide and blood flow. VASO-6TM has been clinically proven to increase vasodilation by 50% when tested
at a 300mg dose compared to only a 5% increase in vasodilation from Arginine at a 7 GRAM dose! That’s like taking a garden hose and turning it into a fire hose! It does this
through Endothelial-Dependent Relaxation (EDR). The Endothelial is the layer within the blood vessel that allows for its contraction or expansion, and for maximum
vasodilation to occur relaxation/expansion of the endothelial is key. Since we don’t use any old school Arginine, your body won’t build up Arginase, allowing for maximum
blood flow each and every time. Rutaecarpine (STD 98%) – Has been shown to not only increase nitric oxide levels, but also increases muscular contractile strength. By increasing the calcium channels within the muscle, Rutaecarpine (Std. to 98%) improves the muscles ability to perform.

‘5-MTHF – Also known as 5-Methyl-Tetra-Hydro-Folate has an amazing impact on nitric oxide production in the body. Studies have confirmed that 5-MTHF increases the
expression of the enzyme eNOS (Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase) by 200%.